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Address: H-5465 Cserkeszőlő, Fürdő street 30.
Telephone:   +36 20 62 17 444
GPS coordinates: 46.8646, 20.2045

Cserkeszőlő is a village in the Great Plains, it is located in Tiszazug in Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County.
Accesses: on main road nr. 44 connecting Kecskemét and Békéscsaba 45 km from Kecskemét.
The village is accessible by bus from the entire country, the bus stop of the municipality can be found really close to the spa.

Cserkeszőlő Apartman Kft.

5465 Cserkeszőlő Fürdő u. 30 (1/27)

Tax number: 23023734-2-16

Company registry number: 16-09-012641

The community is a real holiday resort, its population is more than double of the regular population in the main season. The touristic season is annual, thanks to the medicinal water and the recently opened Winter Spa, a part of the Beach is opened in the main season, but the external pools, heated by the medicinal water and the medicinal water pools are available in winter as well.
The village and area is an ideal choice first of all for those, who want to relax and heal in a calm and natural environment.
The typical plant of the area („szőlő“ means grapes) is included in the name of Cserkeszőlő as well. Huge grape plantations can be found all around. Beside the enjoyment of the wines of the Great Plains, several restaurants host the guests. Polytunnel gardening is really popular in the area with sandy soil, providing the supply of fresh vegetables also for the guests this way.

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Our Phone number: +36 20 62 17 444
Every day from 7.00 till 19.30

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